I hail the underdog

This will be my last post for I don’t know how much time nor I know when I will
be able to read you since tomorrow back to the hospital for a “review” by the head
doc on my mothers cancer that the new treatment after the first 6 months of chemotherapy
didn’t work they put her on this new treatment approved in the USA but not in Europe,
so she chemo didn’t work, now this new experimental treatment also didn’t work and she
is getting worst every day. She barely can walk. So it can be that tomorrow the doc´s
decide that she has to stay. And who knows how much time, hopefully not but whatever
they say to expand her time on this earth that is what we’ll do, obviously.
I´ll still have about 2 hours on this computer so I´ll be able to read as many of you
as I can.

I hail for the underdog
I hail for the frog-
To jump as high as it can
Stanley and Kubrick
Have it already made
Freaking insane
Hence I hail for Serene Spidey
And the woman who created him
To begin
And now has a book out
Be at the look out!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 258 – #PubDay #MarriageUnarranged
Mrs. Ritu.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You made Spidey to rise to superstardom, and your book will do good, you definitely put the work on it and is an a very interesting subject.
      About the mother, we all know it´s really about expanding the time she has on this earth. We have, at least me, have come to terms with that so the only thing I and my father can do is to stay strong and make her laugh as much as I can. Plus taking care of her, house, dog, supermarket going, farmacy, everything really she is not autosuficient, plus I cook pretty well so she does enjoy my food. You would believe this crazy priest could cook right?

      Anyways, my little tribute to you. You’re a good person and good writer. And I do demand that you give me some percentage of the sales….. 😉

      Take care

      1. As an indie author, the sales profits are minimal, otherwise I would !
        But I tell you what, I’ll send some prayers your way, hoping your mum is comfortable for as long as possible! ❤

      2. But it is a great feeling to touch physically your own book, at least for my little poetry book I have in Amazon. No we are not going to get rich nor make money to survive, but it´s definitely very enjoyable this process of writing.
        Thank you very much for your prayers.

    1. Sorry.
      And thank you very much for the comment about mother, it´s just that in my family me and father have our own way to mourn and being down is not good nor productive for anybody, and being or trying to joke and have as much fun as we can it brings morale up.
      Keep on Smiling Jen, and write the series of the short story I read earlier today, it was great

    1. Thank you very much Toritto, just came back from the hospital after being there at 8 a.m waking up at 6 a.m and returning to her home at 7 p.m….. long day for the poor woman, docs changed the meds, put her in one liter of blood and she feels a little better. Now is a new treatment, one pill each day for the cancer and once a week another session of chemotherapy . She is a strong woman I can tell you that, plus this crazy priest makes her laugh. The best line out of her mouth was “I didn’t know you could be up to this”, not even my mother really know me and what I can endure. She’s now laying down on the couch, and me using her computer…. Again thank, hope you also check out the book of Ritu, and hope you are having a great time in sunny Florida.

    1. Thank you Mr. Inchcock, back home after a long day for mother, seems she that today she got better, but one day can be good the next day bad, it´s a constant adaptation

    1. Thank you a bunch Cindy, hope you also checked Ritu´s book. I was trying to “kill” two birds at the same time, seems after a long day for the poor woman now back to her home and after giving her 2 liters of blood mixed with I don’t know what with these new treatments…. anyways seems it works, she’s doing better today, ate a good plate for her dinner, and now the docs have put her yet on another different type of treatment, lets see how it goes her body has to be feeling a shock with all the different things going inside, but today she is better who knows tomorrow it´s a constant adapting day to day. She’s a strong woman.
      Anyways back at writing my crazy things and reading you guys.
      Australia? I’ve always wanted to eat a Kangaroo tail, not kidding, they say it´s taste.

    1. Appreciate very much your prayers, hope you where also be able to check out the book of Ritu, I maybe shouldn’t have mix the two things. Mother got a new treatment today, seems she is doing a bit better for now. Again thank you for your prayers.

    1. Appreciate very much your comment, hope you also check the book of Mrs.Ritu. Not sure it was a good idea now having mix those two subjects…. took away from her. Again thanks for your prayers, after all day long in the hospital for the poor woman the docs eventually came up with another new treatment this is the third and last one. So lets wait and see, things in her body changes from day to day, at least with what they gave her today 2 liters of blood mixed with some …. something that I didn’t understand the doc, but seems she got a bit more strength for today, lets see tomorrow. Again thank you, and hope also you check the book of Ritu.
      Love back.

  1. Wow, man. Hang in there. I know your Mom is super important to you and she’s the main supportive person in the world. She’s a fighter and I’m praying she’s pulls through 🙏❤️. She’s an awesome amazing woman and I am glad she’s in your life.

    1. Appreciate the comment. She is my rock for sure. Strong woman she is, so I have learned from her now is my time to take care of her. Going now to make her walk a bit outside her apartment.
      Appreciate the comment.

      1. I lost my father on 21 January. I wished I spend more time with him. A Paratrooper in WW2. I hope you have time for your dear mother my friend.

      2. Sorry to hear that, that is what I´m trying to do, spend as much quality time as I can. Being the caretaker of my mother is probably worst than my army experience, but I do want her to remind when she passes away to remind the funny times we had at the end. That is crucial for me, maybe is also selfish on my part. I´m 37, but since age 19 up to age 30 had very few contact with her. First joining the army which she hated and then the life I chose to live. Now that I´m finally getting my things together in the head I just want her to be proud of me, the book I published made her day. That was something to see. And just the day to day taking care of her even though it is very taxing it is something I want to do, I need to do, for all those years lost without talking.

      3. I am glad you are the the caretaker. My father was a strong man and he was 93 years old. He went in for a simple operation. He survived the operation and we expected him to be okay. He was driving, bowling and a preacher. We need the memories of the people who loved us. We must return the love.

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