Softy generation millenium

Did title offend, well,
That is not for me to amend
This is my blog I enjoy my writing
Even if it´s stinking
I do my own blinking

Not others…..
So this is the lesson I tried to convey to a fellow
blogger that yesterday she was devastating because she
got some negative comments on some post of hers, and 3 or 4 posts
afterwards was basically her apologizing. So I commented to her
something to this effect ” It is your blog, stop apologizing, you
have a lot of people that read you and what do you expect that everyone
likes everything you write? Let the negative people brush you by don’t bend
to them since she was talking about how she would change certain things
not to offend… what the fuck, come on girl, it seems this generation
has been born with a cellphone and internet connected by the mothers wound,

I told her that this is just a little blog, social media is notyour life, just a
small part,
of your life and not all that serious. If she truly had to suffer real hardships.
She seemed like a young woman, maybe not even 18 who know by her gravatar. And maybe
it´s he, who the hell knows but I doubt it specially the way of writing if figured

she was young.Point being, we are creating a bunch
of softy people for the most part. Knowing what I have been through life and still go
now through family health issues, am I going to be apologizing because of some comment
they left me on internet, feel bad and change my blog to make the other people happy?
Fuck no, this is chump change compared to real life and I tried to convey that to her,
maybe it got through. Although my guess is that it won’t. Throw this girl to fend for
herself, without cell phone, basically poor. She can´t survive in this life.
Although she is very good at her writing and I told her so. Fuck me, did I become the
teacher now? So that was fucking ironic. Anybody offended by so many curse words?
I like the F word, to me adds and not subtracts.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses form the land of the wild bulls! At 7 fucking a.m, fuck
I´m tired and can´t sleep and watching over another person while I write at the same time.
And read you.
Hope she reads this, although my comment I was much more polite( I think this was polite
anyways) and covered more topics about life in general. I should become a real teacher,
teenage kids would love me, and if they fuck with me I just give them a couple of smacks
and order will be restored.
Listening to this, and this song is for her “there is a line there, walk away-bluff”,
doesn’t bother you plus the song actually makes me feel cool smooth calm.


  1. Reading this at 7:15am I feel the same as you. This generation, Charly, I don’t know what we did to them but it seems like they don’t know how to fight. Too many people giving them the ‘listening ear’ for too long, maybe – too much ‘counseling’; too many ‘rights’. Anyway, I’m probably blathering, but well said.

    1. I completely agree with you, it seems they have gotten used to be treated like everyone should be fair, everything is equal, people should have their “safe spaces”….go figure that one out. How are they going to be equipped to deal with real life? I heard in the news that the suicide rate has gone up in the U.S. No wonder really. As a kid I still remember my father waking up and actually saying loudly something to this effect ” New day time to go to war”, it did stick with me. Life is harsh just deal with it and with a smile as often as one can. And this social media, that girl seemed crush because some comments that she received and posted the comments. They didn’t even insult her, compared to some I had, they just didn’t agree that’s it. It seemed like her whole world revolved around social media and she took each comment to heart to the point of stopping what she really liked to do in order to not offend. That is not something my brain can process. Why did you think I used the F word so much? To see if someone would comment on that and how insulted they where or whatever, just for my own curiosity. I know the power of social media, but I focus on what I can get from it that benefits me who the hell cares what some person that I have no clue dislikes what I write or I find myself with nobody reading me, is that the end of the world? Come on, I have to deal with reality. Mother ill, then in the town where I live with real people and nasty ones, trying to constantly hustle for money to pay rent and food and the rest. That’s life. This is my hobby which I love and keeps me sane really, this writing thing and the blog and reading you all, but then reality is outside of the computer. Even if you’re a writer also. She just seemed like a weak person, so I did try to encourage her. Go figure if it worked out, doubt it anyways.

  2. i agree with most of this
    Except one thing if you
    Are a Teacher it’s not wise
    To smack ‘em as no
    Matter how soft they
    Look anyone can
    Pull a Trigger
    If they no
    Give any
    F’s About Life..
    Generally Speaking
    In the Jungle no
    Matter where it is
    Live By The Smack
    Fall by the Smack
    Don’t Matter if i am
    5 Times Stronger than
    The Average Dude Leg
    Pressing 1520 American
    Pounds 8 Reps at close
    To 60 Years old or
    Not.. one
    Pull from
    No longer
    Giving any F’s
    And I’m Gone.. know
    This Beasts Exists
    When You live in
    The Jungle
    Long enough
    It will Cross Your path..
    Generally speaking
    The Military teaches
    This Basic Human Respect.

    1. I spent almost 5 years in the Spanish Legion, fighting for me is until today a day to day almost occurrence since I live in a shady town, but the room I rent is only 150$ a month that is why I live there. My other roommate is a drug dealer, so about danger…. it´s not in me fear, I can be concerned but it doesn´t paralyze me and I´m quick and react quite violently if it´s need be. Almost 5 years in the Spanish Legion and deployed twice to not very comfy countries. So this civilian shit for me is nothing.

      Having now pumped up my chest, when I say smack the kid into line, here in Spain so you can understand the difference of cultures, I´m 38 and up until my generation which would be generation X as the Americans have nominated it, getting a smack in the head by the teacher was the common thing. Quit literally. Now is probably considered child abuse or something, but when I was sleeping through class a smack on the back of the head definitely got my attention and then paid attention. Just different times, now as I said you’d probably go to jail if you do that to a kid. And my mothers time even worst. Just a different culture so for us is just a way of expressing ourselves or …. I don’t know it´s a freaking expression I’ve heard since a kid, experience it as kid, throughout my life so for me is normal and for most of my generation, didn’t give too much thought when I wrote it. Plus you have to check my about page it does say I do have an “ironic-sarcastic-dark sense of humor insulting for some funny to others”

      1. Thanks for the Clarification
        I figured you were street
        Smart enough not to
        Literally do it… the difference now is
        People are losing
        Empathy and
        Becoming Home
        Grown psychopaths..
        Guns are everywhere
        Here a Trigger replaces
        Any need to be
        A ‘Real Man’
        Or even
        Human Being
        Sadly True it is…
        i Don’t do Triggers
        Quick Wit Survives Better.;)

      2. I´m a street guy as well a book guy, not too smart but I can handle certain quite dangerous situations with criminals I myself have been in jail for breaking the arm of a guy that worked as a bouncer. So he wasn’t small. I was just faster and having the training knew what to do. In Spain is very hard to get weapons, you have to be very connected, so they mostly will take out the knife that has happened to me 4 times, once you do that to me you have to use it if not my first reaction is to attack you. Rule one as the Americans say, the best defense is a strong offense. Not everybody has it, most people freeze but it´s not in me. So those 4 times 3 of them the guys actually run. The other one he did slice a bit of my arm but I managed to not let him go back home but to the hospital. Then I ran back home before the police came. It´s actually written in some post who knows how many years ago… With those people as in my army days RESPECT is what will keep you alive or have a better chance at least. With normal people not these criminal idiots (although technically I am a convicted criminal now that I think about it, in my defense this guy didn’t let my girlfriend at the time to get into the club because of her ethnic background she was, is a gypsy. He pushed her and I jumped in hence in half a second he was down with his arm broken I heard it snap. Then out came 3 other bouncers and beat the shit out of me, so before going to jail I was in the hospital under guard. Not good for a big ass guy putting his hands and manhandling a girl that weights like a feather. So it just came out of me.

        And when dealing with normal people not all these criminals, you said it, quick wit and intelligence use by communicating is far far better way to deal with issues. I just know I can be violent if I am confronted with violent people. But by nature I am not violent. The army did prepare me for that, although I was already predisposed to use violence against other violent people. Never to someone physically inferior to me, never in my life and that is 100% true. Actually I remember when I studied in the U.S in high school when I saw the “jocks” picking on the “nerds” me walking up to them and telling them to stop it, that took away their attention from the ones they were picking on and focus on me. And once the first fight they encountered with me, that was it. No more problems with them, nor did they touch the “nerds” while I was around. I didn’t fit in any group being a Spanish guy, new guy in that high school but they learned to respect me. Plus one of my fighting buddies was a black guy, funny guy by the way. We did made quite a weird and interesting duo. We just hitted off immediately, hope his life turned out better than mine.

      3. Yes.. Guns make a Big
        Difference.. my life is
        Safe compared to yours
        But I’ve overcome inner
        Demons that most
        People haven’t
        The only REAL
        ENEMY In my
        Life who has
        Given me
        Any real
        Cause for
        Concern is me..
        And i put those
        Demons to rest Now…
        In The Past your Demons
        Have come through in
        Your Writing… now not
        So much.. perhaps
        You are defeating
        The Most Challenging
        Foe too..
        If so.. keep
        Up the good Work..:)

  3. Golly gee what a great post. ;)) Seriously I gosh-darn love it. ;)) And it could apply to an old gal like me who’s “connected by the mother’s wound” (awesome phrase) as much as to a teenage gal. Some of us need this message like we needed mother’s milk back in the day.
    But most especially when it’s got a fucking brilliant song like that one attached to it. Thank you Charly Priest. From the bottom of my sometimes-black heart. You rock.

    1. You owe me 5$ for my insights, I´ll spend it wisely…. on a pack of cigarettes 😉
      Life is hard so I learned to put things in perspective in the overall scheme of things. To know what is truly important and that I need to pay very close attention too and those things that are peanuts. The blog is important, but it is not my life. It´s peanuts compared to what I have to deal with day in day out. Nice song right? Glad you liked it.

      Glad you took something positive that you can apply it, hope you apply it to you that is.
      Life is shitty, just got to deal with it with strength. There is no other choice.

      Take care.

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