Addiction Please

Diction! Hates my writing friction-Anyways,
a person of extremes
need to do addiction things
have to write
if not i go more nuts right?
it´s my mental delight to write
writing is a way to keep my own sanity
expressing to others my insanity
and feeling eroding for a period of time
real life’s profanities on my mental,
out the window those sentimental-
hence creating, playing with words and wording, and phrasing
Robert Frost i thought i was paraphrasing
i´m in my own world, creating my own world
at least that is what I have been told
by my one last standing neuron that’s even on hold

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Well this climate change they talk about it seems it is a reality, here in Spain is sunny and the temperature it looks like we in Spring. Maybe when it gets to Summer it starts the snow…. the climate here is going nuts.

      1. Come to the land of the wild bulls! Specially the South of Spain, I actually think people are bathing in the beach.
        I assume is 7 degrees Fahrenheit, that is too cold.

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