The Priest Valentines Day(warning, highly offensive)

Your Priest the teacher is gonna do now his preacher;
Ready? Hit it!

My dear pupils today is a day to celebrate love,
The celebration of couples man and woman,
We just hate gays,
I have one stack dead on some back stage hays
The only reason is not because he was gay, reason was,
He committed treason. He didn’t like Freddie Mercury
And that is a sin.
You have to Play Freddie Mercury to your love one, that is in the Bible,
On Anthony 3.2.4 read it and wear it as your head decor.
Love is in the air, I really don’t give a Holy, if it´s a man to man
Woman-woman(that’s sexy though), or might as well at this point add dogs to dogs….
Point being, this Priest doesn’t see a point of this day.
I jus say, Hey!
Glad I´m single and ready to mingle, yes, the Priests also sin
So let me begin,
To all women who read this or will since God will direct you here,
You all are my dear,
Let´s have intercourse: It is healthy, you loose weigh, strengthen your muscles, and you
can stretch. Intercourse is the primary thing, later will come the flowers or a one dollar
Mac from Mr. Macdonalds.
God bless you my pupils.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. The “we hate gays” part at the beginning made me prickly, then I continued reading… 😂 If you’re going to sell this whole sex thing you need to change the fourth line from the bottom, it should be “lose weight” not “loose weigh”. Where do I sign up? My need for grammar is likely one of the many reasons why I’m single 😉

    Happy Valentine’s!!
    Caz x

    1. I just figured to see the reaction of some with the gay thing, couldn’t care less, my uncle was gay died of aids and I took care of him until he literally took his last breath. He was the most kind a giving person in the world, plus he laughed his ass with my crazy stories that I told him when I went out into the clubs. I judge the person, the individual. That’s it.
      Yes mam, I do know my grammar is horrible. I do live in Spain, I am Spanish, I have no proofread, so….. the sign up I almost forgot! Just send me an email, travel to Spain. It´s easy, tell the flying industry is for love and they’ll give you a free trip if you name ME.

      Happy Valentines day to you too Caz

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