In the first floor
You open a new door
Skinny people want answer

White walls
White “capes” of the doctors
White answers they provide
White is the paper they cannot decide
White there´s nothing written no answer given

Hospital it fights
The cancer criminal
But there is an uncertainty
And that is mentally taxing not so subliminal

Hospital is the second home of some
Yet it is a necessary crumb
I feel like punching that idiot
But that won’t solve this period.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. No worries Cindy, I might not seem so but I´m a big boy, I had a lot of experience dealing with life and death, although is obviously much harder being your mother and seeing how she deteriorates little by little.
      “Funny” Story, the other day she called me while I was cleaning some plates I went and asked if she had something wrong she only said that she wouldn’t have imagine I would be able to to this, I asked her “do what?” and she just motioned with her hands in a big circle. Being the caretaker. When I say I go from 0-100% it´s true, people think I BS them, until they see me acting as an adult and through my experience specially in the army I´m very good at keeping the calm and making the other person my mother calm when she vomits, or other things that for example my father is unable to deal with seeing like that. So I keep calm, talk to her and even make her laugh. Thats good enough, laugh. Then back to the cleaning and the rest of the chores.

      Take care Cindy, live life to the fullest, it is short.

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