Sunday stroll with Charly(photos)

Alright! Stop yelling at me, I know it´s Tuesday but I couldn’t get the photos
uploaded until today, here it goes Carolina and stop nagging at me. Cruel creature…

I woke up and first thing got my new I phone 35
I saw a bit of T.V, real hardcore news on my great pjs? just a mix…
I looked out the balcony and the coast was clear of killers
I went out running
If you have a magnifying glass you can see what here we call “tenderetes” on the balconies,
you just hang the clothes there to dry
This one is just the one we have in the little patio and the only one (mom is smart)of
the whole high-rise of 3 stories our “tenderete” if you will or just a rope

Walked down the road
This freaking town is build on a mountain, so walking down is great walking back up…not cool.
Got to a park, it was a great sunny day, kids playing evil monsters really
I asked a guy to pose for me, shit there was hot girls.. just kids, old people, parents…
Nice dog, and nice guy, we chatted
a bit and out he went and I was left yet alone reading a book and looking at my…
I get great ideas for my writing
looking at my feet.
Then up the hill passing my church
got home everything quite
I was exhausted and had gotten rid of a lot of pounds so I just laid in bed to rest

I sleep in that bed my ill mother in the one next to it, in several occasions we had to literally hear
her screaming and go to her room, so we figured (me and dad) I would be the one sleeping in the same
room so he gets his good hours of sleep, since she wakes up a lot during the night, and in case
something happens up we go to the hospital. Actually right next to the door I have a backpack
with a couple of t-shirt, cleaning things, shorts, the rest just in case we have to go to the
hospital and stay there.

So that was my great Sunday sunny stroll. Hope you enjoy the “great” photography, it is a beautiful
town, with normal people, not like the one I live in. Normal people… at least not full of criminals.
Enjoyed the stroll and sitting in the park and reading, nice day.


    1. It´s an old town, actually all towns in Spain are old we existed since our cool crusades, so thousands of years of the Spanish Kingdom. Actually there is a castle in this town where A lot of Kings have been buried way back dating from the century 1700 hundreds. Quite a rich history.

      1. I can bring my homies too, call up the Spanish Legion, those are the real bad ass, so your bad boys bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when we come for you….
        Deal is sealed, we got a fight going on,
        although I´ll be the one taking a wagers on the sideline

    1. Thank you Garfield, they are old streets as you know Spain is thousands of years old so… quite a rich history. This town is actually been classified as “world heritage”, at least it says so on their front web page of the town hall. Very pretty and just nice to walk around here see the sights, the people as I said “normal” people not like the town I rent my room which is full of shady characters and you are constantly walking on alert mode. Here you can relax. Not so much with mother now, but taking a stroll puts my mind in another place at least for a few hours, then back to reality. Mom is strong, we are constantly monitoring her, but it is inevitable the end. We just don’t know the time like everyone but seeing her deteriorate day by day is not easy. But we have to stay strong there is no other option but to stay strong for her and for us. Again, appreciate the comment.

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