High voltage stream of consciousness

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What a fucking computer I “smuggled” into the hospital, 15 minutes to get into wordpress
and it seems the Chrome goes faster than the other internet “thing” i yelled bling, and
i got a shitting but what did i expect for a 250$ laptop? Not a great top it seems.So is
hard to keep up with all of you, even the comments i have to keep them short so the computer
do it´s quick matheweter and send the freaking comment. Let alone when your page has a lot
of photos i can spend the whole day looking at the little ball rolling around and round
and round for the page to load. I hate the computer, yet I´m lucky to have one, still pissed.
I hate this hospital, it is a private one and there are too many cool girls with thongs,
nurses included i feel like in a Tom Cruise movie, i have no proofread as you might see while
you read i hat that too.
Hot nurses and doc´s distracts me from my duties as the greatest caretacker maker of my mother.
Good news it seems they probably let her out this Friday and basically made her life a bit longer.
I was already expecting for this to be the last time she entered the hospital and not walk out.
These rich people of the hosptial all have electric cars, every time i go out for a smoke
i´m constantly scared shitless because of one of those electirc shits you can´t hear them at all
to smack me. I hate all these people rich or not rich that are on the phone constantly, i even
saw a 4 year old kid in the lobby waiting with their parents for the elevator to come and him
watching a video on the phone of two teenage girls doing some kind of weird gymnistic things
in a soccer field, what the fuck? Feminist won, you made us a bunch of pussies.
I hate elecrtic cars, I hate people talking outloud on their phones I hate hospitals, I hate..
at leas my mother is still alive which is the important. What a pussy society we have become, I
even hate the hatters so I hate myself and then re think and unhate me, but hate all the others…
So fuck it, read as many as i can of you when this shit can computer goes faster, if ever, whatever,
now it seems it´s going so so so….so i also hate the computer. This was profound, you´re welcome.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. My OCF is kicking in…… Obessive Compulsive Flirting is making me not focus, they should make a law not letting pretty women and even the male nurses are hot!!! What is this place? Anyways they should make a law of putting only ugly nurses so I can focus…… 😉
      Appreciate the comment gentess. Hopefully this Friday we´re out of here.

      1. We all are hoping it goes to better, seems like it for now.
        Have a great day, and by the way can you send me some money? This 250$ computer takes me an hour to read a couple of blogs, it goes sloooooooow, you are a humanitarian just send me 1000$ for me to get a nice computer, can´t even watch YouTube videos since it takes all day to charge the freaking one minute video, I´m a poor man….with a computer….and a house…shit, I´m not poor then, forget about it what I said. I´m going nuts in this hospital all day with my mother I think, might even start talking with trees now….Period.
        Have a great day

      2. Betty and Birch? That is why they don´t talk back to me…. I didn´t gave them a name, and why do you assume the trees are women? I knew it, you are anti feminist and anti…. you´re anit. Now a days you have to be. Fuck me listen to this, I was reading the “reader” and saw a blog talking about how now the great U.S toy stores are making “gender neutral” dolls…. and stearing little girls to the sport section and little boy to play with dolls and be nurses, fuck me what is going on with this society….. I´m going to talk with trees now but if I say she, the tree might get offended and ask me that she could be a he and that I´m descriminating.I´m in dark cave now with a cigarette no bothers.

      3. Haha!!!!! I’ll sit in a dark cave with a cigarette with you lol. Sounds interesting.
        And not all trees are women!! I have Peter the pinetree in my friend group too 😉 don’t discriminate my trees. 🤪

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