dissecting orange

What a colour, have you ever seen that in a flower? Rarity,
no security. Try to rhyme orange… Try it.
Have you ever seen the name of a fruit translated into colours?
Black-any fruit named that?
Blue?-any fruit named that colour brute?
Only the fruit orange can have the glory of being the name of a colour.
Did you get any rhyme with orange?
I got one long time ago, from my bro, Eminem…hem,
“hey punk you´re a sporange!”
Urban dictionary it appeaered, but got it from a Eminem interview on 60 minutes,
long time ago and stuck with me, so be.
Even Shakespeare invented words for thee
Hail to the orange!
The only fruit that also is a colour and colour the fruit..kind of weird right?
Just me, a genius to be, and this thought came while at a hospital
I´m a mental criminal

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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