ARMY Encounters Police

5 a.m or almost 6 in the M, heeemmm….
Still mad about my round-about no doubt,with the local police,
say again,
Not Naional Police or The..fuck there is no an English translation
” Guardia Civil”
So it seems there are no dreams.
It does pisses me off
when they actually walk back with you chatting life is great and….
fucking idiots start to get in my face? Not in me to take it

They think they scared me?

I did remind them my history,is bad also pretty
part of that was my miitary service, service….serve what?
I just got a kick of adrenaline and, truly loved my guys.
Fucking Local Police, they are the most corrupt. Stop
What did this ediots expect as they walked me down to their cool police station,
talking as we are friends…. saw that one comming, then in their, hold it,
THEIR headquarters, get in my face? I pushed the guy or police man if you want,
might as well talk to me as Corporal ( army days, or spanish ” Cabo” de primera or terecera?)

Point, They got my history, that is their worry.

Fuck this it is cathartic, the writing, to the public, but for me you are non public, love ya
No wonder I got them pissed off these idiots of local local local police, bunch of shit heads
after punching one of them I actually said it out loud
Jeeeeesus Christ, it was cathartic , not mad now, please comment and like me
and there is also one that says fuck me, only for girls though.

Play Pretend.


    1. Reality with these corrupt guys, sorry they are police, Local police, they do have their history of corruption, I was in the Spanish legion, for me….fuck heads yet I did expect their treatment, not in jail though, I will literally destroy them, plus my army days they (friend) was a bit of use, although I don’t recommend to hit the idiot

      1. You don´ t get it, and that is the normal, for normal people to not get in those circumstances, but… it is Spain and the local corruption police, nothing new for me, but is not normal for people that are normal, yet again I saw it coming so got.. literally punch the idiot, not gonna get on my face and try to scare me, not happening

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