It is interesting

No wonder-
I piss off my one brother
The MAN got into my youtube account
Form wordpress to youtube-
I can not believe is true
I do see it comming, so it´s open, in some ways
I feel like a smartass whaaas,
Let´s see, I´m challenging people… got bored so i do that,
not that dummy though, if i want it open…. open my life,
and you will fall, sorry for that
just a smart ass, plus making me think? No.
I like to not think, hence I drink.
Hence I can track you down, and you me,
so beeee!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Do you mean Jesus was a Muslim?
        Muslims believe Jesus was just a prophet.. that He is not the Son of God..
        I believe that is why so many Muslims struggle with their religion based on works..
        If they are good enough, or their good deeds outweigh the bad.. they enter paradise being greeted by 72 black eyed virgins..
        Some simply decide to take their own life, dying for the cause of Allah. This way they believe their entry to heaven is guaranteed.
        I believe that Jesus can help those who are searching for inner peace..
        That is why I left a scripture in the comment..

      2. Not a rational scripture then.
        We as soldiers do what you, not you specifillya, just those nutcasew, video hit it! And I was not in the us army but Spanishy Legion and engounter some nutcases like that, see the video and fuck off with your retard comment, I can brake your commenty word by word, and you wont´t make sense for rational people, so fuck you bitAAATHOSERKDLCKL,M . hE, LOOK THE ELEFANT IN THE ROOM

      3. I did not intend to make you angry Charly,
        Just trying to share some love in this lost and angry world.. Point taken…
        My apologies..

      4. I´m not angry, trust me. It was ” off the coff” coment, Trying to read all of you, and a lot of hours have gone by and very nice ones to read you all… not all but at least 100 and really read you, so if you thought my comment was angry, hell I don´t even know what to say.

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