International womens day

I hate women, I was raised by one and I have permenant psychological damage,
I even take care of her now that she is ill.
She put me up, she triked me!!!
Tell her, my mother, that yesterday was a celebration for women,
she´ll just smack you and tell you, you are not human.
Individuals is what it counts.
Just making friends,
do the pretends.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Please do not hate women and don’t support this act it’s an individual differences and is with both sex the ugly side as a human in General, you don’t think that her bad ways made you who you are today my G if I may guess? Your pain drives you to a success that is bold and unchallenged because you have been fought from when you are powerless and now that you have the great power to change the world by encouraging other women how there to change from this act and embraced love and equality among ourselves before any government or organization and families the grassroots of all upbringing my brother please don’t hate women because I have a campaign #NOWOMAN/NOMAN.

    1. Your words sound so good. Your actions…. who knows.
      So now that I have power I go and hate women, and why do I have power? I don´´t is the answer. And more and more of your BS and tires me even to give you a rational response. Since you obviously won´t get it, more likely is that you try to twist it in your direction. Good one though, keep it on.

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