Pieces of the puzzle

The pieces of this puzzle,
Suddenly are not a foreign muzzle-
I´m ready.
Switch turned in head-now you are my enemy and no other choice
I have to destroy you before you do me in- Let´s start the begin.

Foot Note. Fuck me, I´m actually laughing…. and is coming a good one against me. Me? just laughing,
I´m sober. Usually happens that way: Charly-Sober-See-React just in the nickle of time. And usually comes on top.
Not always obviously, but usually yes. And yes, me, no help.
Sorry, I do have help. The foundations where laid not by me, I just have to build and do quite well in fucked up
situations coming at me, just build a bit on top of the foundation. Just me….. Staying Frosty.
Might as well have a laugh at it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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