Charly Politics

I have no clue who this man is, both the writer and the receiver. Probably talk to much-me.
What the F is going on in this house?.. People come people go and me paying… getting a bit pissed off.
Not much.
Great man, both of them so that would include the person that wrote this.
I still remember Mr. Jesús Picatoste in a “meeting”, in the Palace hotel. In Madrid, or
friends call him ” El Pica”.
I remember him as a kid for a simple reason…. I was there, plus he smoked a lot so the
government should do something.
In all seriousness, and sorry for my mess. A great person, as well as the other person who wrote it.

Mi homenaje a Jesús Picatoste, por su lección de medio siglo de buen periodismo


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