1. Ufotunatelly the funerals are part of that job. You do sign up voluntarely. I stll remember signing a piece of paper where should my money, clothes, e.t.c should go to if I died. Kind of weird now thinking about it since I was at the time I was signing the paper with a smile. Literally with a smile.

      It´s a motivational video, probably I put it to remind myself. We didn´t have those cool slogans in the Spanish Army.

      I liked the one that ends, “on the 7 day when God was resting we ran the show”…something to that effect, who the hell comes up with those phrases. Only the Americans… Gotta love them though, if not for you the world would be nowhere really.

      1. Our military has a lot of pride in itself – as it should be – any one of the Marines might have come up with those lines!! 🙂

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