1. I knew it was your old age….. Mr.Francisco Bravo Cabrera is his name, lives in a part of Spain that I should not reveal. Actually in Valencia since he posted a post about how also there they have the issues with the C-Virus.
      I knew it was old age you…. you already send me his link already some time ago, way back. Getting old…. 😉

      Mr. GP! I really appreciate your comment, and you as a person. Truly grateful to have met in wordpress persons like you.

    1. I know….. probably didn´t and not to be disrespectful, I have no clue which comment on your post, usually happens to me, I even forgot my own mothers birthday this month so if you can put up the link I could re-read it

      1. On my post “REVIIVER • #044”. You commented: (Never give me, ME a like that you seemed to own before I read you, never and trust me on that one).

    1. Not drunk know, I will sugest for you to stay out a little. Just in case you piss me off, then you go off. Got me piece of shit punk? Or i have to smack it out of you punck bitch, literally and it will be scary, behind your computer… fuck you punk, commenting that shit of yours on my blog of my poem, I could and will smack the shit out of you.
      Now going to drink, thank you bitch

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