Internet battles

5:30 in the morning,
try to do my working….my working say again
let´s not play the pretend
hence, no internet?
I just woke up, went to the bathroom and shit, literally,
so much story
and knocked on and on on the door of my “landlord”,
she is no land of no lord,
i can testify for that dummy door
Put the internet on! I said as she open the door,
I might be poor,
yet I am paying for this service,
and you never know…..
sorry I do,
she has the internet “things” in her room
hence when she wants she just pull the string out
and me no service, until now
knock the door, and is not fear to put on her
although she is kind of “cabrona”,
she knows perfectly that she chose to take out the cables and leave me without internet,
so I will do prefect,
Call the police!!!!! Like last time and for the internet….
I can turn my switch
Smiling for now in the beach-hitch

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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