My crazy diary(part 3000 Spartans)

I have a 15 year old girl that is following me, I did comment on her blog,
” Don´t folow me and let me speak to your daddy”. Something to that effect.
Kind of weird a 15 year old girl, and just popped in my head, I forgot about it,
although I do forget a lot of things.

I need to write more, I do read a lot but I should write more.

Where the fuck is the drug dealer? I called him, to give him his thing, no answer
so forget about the money then.

Fuck you local police, know you read me, fuck you local police, was it only 15 of
your guys that “left” from this town, maybe I had a saying on it… who knows,
fuck you with your corruption and you disserve worst punks.

My mother is fine, that is what counts.

Army days long past, but there will be better days.( yes I do consider army days great)
If I make it happen the better days.
Plus! funny is horny. Video!

Stay Narly gents and Stay in bed and cooking and… gentesses…. 😉


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