Trump( video)

Lets make it short, he will win 2020. I guarantee that, might piss you off,
but don´t be the kind of person that goes with sentiments,usally it does not work well for society.
Be practical.
I might look at ” it” from another point of view.
Also…I´m an Oso, they guy reminds me of my father,
you have in the video the woman giving him some chocolats for the kids,
basically in her mind is to make the president look good that is her job,
might hate him or love him,
it is not my concern.
Although it did remind me of my father, love him to death.Not comparing my father
with Trump. The only thing is that some men and women are just not made up for little kids.
My father… he has more morals than this man, but don´t expect him to be a kid lover.

And the ultimate gol is that they are the children of the “press core”, gotta love that one.


    1. It just reminds me of my father, did my father spend his whole day taking care of me? No. He was working and provided me with great education, although it came out wrong on my part, and my mother taking care of me,
      all the soccer games and the rest,since she is a strong woman.
      Helicopters or not, people do what they can do in their persona, I don´t have daddy issues my father is who he is and I love him. Although now thinking of it he might as well take me in a personal helicopter.
      Try to debate this one

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