Writing this to promote my reason….
I did read 3 books on it, and not because I was being smart,
my father has it in his personal library, and this is when I was a kid.
My guess is that what I think and wrote, or maybe just said it to mom…
I was reading these books about the communist( not capitalist)
and they try and try and nothing works out.
I actually got to the point I was rooting for them after their 106 congress, they like
those names plus they are quite good at making other names to stick.
Capitalism, it´s in human nature. Stick 5 people in one remote island and one of them
is going to find the fish, then the others are going to fight for that fish, and then
another will sell it. It´s human nature. Socialism just does not work for humans,
unless you are the one who is in charge and your friends that pay you are on top.
But does not work for the rest of us.


  1. Hunter gatherers went/ go hunting and fishing together, splitting the work. They take the catch home snd split it with the group.
    Capitalism came along later cultivation and land ownership, and marriage.

    The Nordic system approaches the hunter gatherers. Everyone works, pays most of their wages as taxes and the government divided it up ad needed, schools, health service, etc. They seem happy except for that darned high suicide rate they keep having. Not much innovation either. That comes from the capitalists.

    1. You forgot that the U.S pays a lot, for them to have an army. Norway for example. So they can use the rest of their money to pay for whatever they pay for, not good at the end.

      1. I have been in favor of removing all our troops from Europe fir years. As well as from the middle east.

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