Look at me, in the quarantine that is mean.
Who the hell knows if we´ll be out of this house next month, and no money as of today.
My way.
Quarantine takes it´s toll on us small.
Yet…. I seem to get larger when the shit hits the fan.
I should be a ban.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Always with a smile, I was thinking that it might even help not being totally aware of the situation, although in the back of your mind you know what is true. I´m just good at lying to myself in a positive manner.
      You take care it is the important thing.

  1. There is nothing we can Charlie, but staying at home and wait. I’ve been in quarantine for almost 3 weeks now and I think we’ll have for another month at least, if we are lucky.
    Stay safe!
    Stefy 🙋

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