Lets lock and load it

Now, today, it is my way.
Time to go to work.
Eliminating pork, or want to eat them, hemmmm…
Lets lock and load
For your parents try to not fold.
Time to get off and literally do a bliss-off.
Too much writing and listening to youtube videos.
Reality heart my creavity with negative-e you de!
Not my manly gravity.
Sorry about what I wrote. Hard times…. hemmm,
Out we go, see ya later you animator and innovator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. There is a saying by Robert Burton…. I write of melancholy by being busy to avoid melancholy. I think writing helps you a lot to recover from your worries and stay positive. Go ahead. 😊🥰👍

    1. Actually I thought that line was talking to me, I do things a lot, specially in previous years and the one that will come, but I keep on writing. You might be leave me leaving on the street and I found a way to get napkins and a pencil to write. I say that in the present, but it was in the past. And that is no joke to be homeless and me getting into a bar, grab the napkins (what a criminal) and write. Still have some of those napkins.

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