Impractical jokers morning thought

You got to be kidding me….nothing surprises me.
5.22 a.m in the morning, I wake up and go to the bathroom(with my cigarette)
I open my bedroom door( thaty I pay too much) live supposedly with the LaaaaandLaaaaady,
and another guy. But there is a spare room….. I wake up open door go out and see a little flashlight
that is from a cell phone. Out comes a guy, a different one from last time out of the spare room,
he actually looks at me eyes big ass plates for eyes and
me just casually walking to the bathroom he very sneaky with his flashlight and all dressed up
to go to “his work”, so we cross paths I say very casually ” Good morning” and walk into the
bathroom. Jeeeeesus Fucking Christ. Better write this in public.
And you wonder why I have a barricade room in my rent-room in this house? Plus knifes stack up in my room?
Me? Just normal, say in Spanish ” Good morning”, the guy probably more freaked than me
since he didn´t expect it, I went sneaky on the sneaky!
Fuck me…. I´m laughing as I¨m writing.

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