Keep bussy(Corona Virus)

I promise I won´t write more in public after this one….. I think.
Bombarding you with my great, what?
Bussy and is not all that hard if you think about it.
I was watching, again, the military videos.
Has to be tough being a U.S Marine Captain (and all the branches) to motivate those guys.
Having been a former soldier in the Spanish Legion, I do know a bit about that.
Keep bussy even if I´m in quarantine.
Let some fun begin.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I meant to tell you, your English is very good! Your grammar and spelling very good. I would not correct you on anything, because it wouldn’t be you……..and I enjoy reading it exactly the way you write it. I took 2 years of French in high school, 13 credit hours of Spanish in college. I can only repeat a few words in either one. I can read a bit more and get somewhat of an understanding of what I read. You have to use the language nearly every day to remember it. Of course I only made average grades in each as well. Use it or lose it, just like sex…….so I have been told.

    1. Forgot about sex.
      First of all thank you for taking your time and passing through my crazy blog.
      Second….. second second… Period. I´ll stay away from my own dummy jokes.
      Third- I have no doubt that you went to college and getting all those degrees, I applaud that not like me that went for three quarters of a year with a scholarship then drop out and got intothe army, althoughthe sex…. men are men and women are women, do we have to believe that all women are these nice people?
      The media sells it, the people buy it, The courts in Spain buy it hence we are the only country in the E.U that has actual courts for
      “Men against women”, Forgot the name, chake it out on Dr. Google, but one “lady” put me through that. I was obsolvide and I´m still wating for th restetution for bein a false claim. Waaaaating, might as well be dead, nothing is gonna come, that is the least of my worries to tell you the truth, and I got so off topic I don´t fucking remember what I started on this quick comment.
      Sex! I stuck in my head… weird.

      1. Yeah, my degree was in political science. What a waste. Then when I figured that out got some Cardiology training. Heart was interesting to me, became a cardiology technologist. Did that for awhile, but had lots of late hours, was falling asleep driving home. Gave it up. Ended up in International banking. Now happily retired! Fishing and golf!

      2. Holy! You did something about bank…. so I have to hire you, invest my money wisely that is, you better or I will unleash the dogs of war
        Good for you sincerely, you made it up for you and just made it, nothing more to say

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