It´s all about family

Fucking dog, but she is part of the family
For me yes, ther are families and bad families,
For me dad and mom are perfect. Period.
I´m not an idiot, coma
I have the Corona
And I still remember… a lot, good and bad as well, all you do
drinking the water Perdu(spelled that wrong?)
Family, mother softly dying with cancer-e
But she will kick your ass, forget about mine already kicked,
it really does comes down to that in my situation.
Family is my mortality.

7 p lus m, out of here, 6 posts in one day, get the fuck out of here,
I did enjoyed reading you for sure. And I hate when people…. out of here, time to go to work the dark side.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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