Kellyanne Conway(video)

One of the Trumps dogs of war. You might hate her, and if you do you are
anti-feminist. She reminds me of my mother I always go back to my mother….
And I have lived what most people should not lived, but always back to mommy.
Anyways, by the way fuck that Iñaki guy commenting on my blog, out of here
he might be a terrorsit from the Vasc Country(a providence of Spain) so fuck
this nut case. I sort of know where he is going, I´m traking you…. not me actually
but others that are smarter.

That was me saying how this woman like my mother, is a strong woman.
You can see in her face the toll is taking on her that job, she also has children so she might be human.

She is loyal and a fighter. 2 good qualities in humans.

Woman/man might as well now in these days of politically correctness add a dog in the mix,
and a rabit so he or she does not feel bad.

Loyalty and fighter.

Tell my mommy she is a… as the socialist will say not outloud.
“She is under control from a man” actually they do say it outloud, haaaa!
Jeeeesus, Mommy will just look at you and not even smack you.
I would be the dummy that does smack you and then go to prison, already happened so… just in my genes.
Not mothers genes, mine, but gotta love both of these two women, my mother more.

Just putting out an example for all people, if they want to read and follow that example.
(that was intense and did I misspelled something?… that was intensew)

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