I´m going a bit nutty with the quarantine

Corona quarantine
Let begin
Always thinking about mom
Calling her, she does has terminal cancer
Not enhance-er
And if she reads this
I won´t get a kiss
But a smack in the face
Strong woman she is
Does not like a pussy me-s

Video! Below. How the fuck does a woman takes care of 9 children? That was a chore for sure.
This video actually remembered me of my mother, I had to smile at the reactions of her and him
and the way they talked about each other. 7.16 in the A,M, woked up at 5 a.m, wrote my great novella,
and now watching this, also reading you people I should add. What´s with the mothers? I got to love mine,
not perfect at all but gotta love her, fuck me, SHE IS PERFECT. The video is very representative of how
she is and our relationship. I´m sounding like a pussy… fuck me.


  1. Un saludo Charly, que estés bien, ya nos queda poco, 10 días, así q fuerza, como decimos en el País Valenciá, “salut i força al canut” un abrazo

    1. Certainly is, but I have to add that the love of her “kid” has also saved her in multitude of ocassions, goes both way in my familly, or me and her. But she definitelly the hero for sure.

  2. After 2 weeks of quarantine, my house is like Las Vegas…. we’re losing money, cocktails are acceptable at any hour and no body knows what day or time it is!!
    (Just joking, Trump is giving each of us $1200 !!!)
    Keep smilin’, Priest

      1. Aquí en Barcelona no se puede, ni se debe salir a la calle. Cada día es un reto. Todo habrá cambiado cuando esto termine…

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