Cazerolazo! (Spain Coronavirus)

The word Cazerolazo comes from the Spanish word Cazerolas.

There you go, that´s a cazerola although I personally like the old ones.

Cazerolazo! Some towns in Spain, at least in Madrid where I live that tend more
to be conservatives today they have been “called up” to go to their balconies
with the kitchen utensils and start making noise in protest against the
socialist-communist government at 8 p.m today. So that would be in 20 minutes.
Actually the socialist.communist(It´s a coalition of those two parties) have
told the public that if they don´t want people in the balconies, they made
it illegal, quite literally the police does has the authority under this nutcases
that are governing us and ruining us while they are becoming richer than a baseball
pitcher( Had to rhyme sorry).

Hence in protest we go to El Cazerolazo!

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