Feminist-socialist fucked

That was a good title for the video. I do have my little one neuron and don´t agree all
my half neuron that all in the video is right. But I do pretty much all. ALL….again,.
Reality it is reality, and most socialist will be over their mind if you don´t have
their own opinion. Hence that translates into being a dictatorship. Yep, seems the left
can also have dictators, Venezuela to name one, mixed with Iran and my country Spain,
seems they are working together. That is a fact actually it´s no conspiracy.
but with the same goal So there ya go….. And I liked that gay(Milo Yiannnopoulos) guy being
what he is, smart as hell also. 1.8 seconds into the video, plus other characters in the video
really saying what humans think. The black dude and black dudess called nazi (basically)from a white
old lady, hence keep away from politics if you lean to the right.(maybe that was another video)
Watch the Video I say as a priest! For me I hear the “celebrities” and is common sense.
(I´m watching too many videos)


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