Love you with no tears

That is my mother, sheeee hot!
I was talking to her one hour ago (she suffers from terminal cancer)
And me the dummy trying in my mind to make her laugh, she started caughing and hanged up.
Not a good sign obviously. Still waiting for a call.
I cried, then I thought to myself “what the fuck is crying going to help?”
Nothing. Or calling her… Nothing. It is getting me pissed off, she is mom.
I guess my point is that I have never seen a stronger woman, so forget about the small shit.
Just small it is, they say this or that about you here there.. Fuck that.
Familly is first.
At the same time have to disconnect, for my own mental health, disconnect of what might be happening
now. I have to be sober and let the things fall wherever they might fall but I have confidence
in my father that he´ll take care of her better than other person in the world.

Fucking knew this was gonna happen when you least expected.. fuckin knew it

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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