For you lady

Even though you´re scheming constantly
to hate me
Does not work in my mind
i can write about it but not find
In my mind
i turn off the switch
Hence you no longer exist
yes we writers write based on our life experiences
So you and I got that message right, latter
we turn off the light. And it´s fiction alright.

(What a crazy bitch this one, and.. to whom am I talking? while walking away from you
although it never was anything from the beginning, like with other girls but nice people overall,
not like you.
I know you´ll read this even though your messages in the phone say no, you´ll read it
to find something to use against me, plus texting saying my mother is a bitch not nice,
so say the least, but keep on wasting your time.
Almost forgot
she did hinted that she has the password of my credit card, talk about hackers maybe she even has
the password for my wordpress, google, she invents me on Linkedin probably..go figure. Or she just
hints it to make me figure it out, trying to get in my head. Not gonna work. 🙂
See? Smiling, bring on whatever you want.
She might be a crazy-nasty bitch but certainly smart, and the word bitch I use it because she lives
out of fucking guys, I mean physically fucking so by definition that is a bitch.)
That was the end of the parenthesis in some sense, lets figure out what she comes up with later.
Yet I do have people smarter than me that control that and other things. I´m lucky, yet at the same
time I´m me, can take care of myself. Been proven in the past.
But very lucky for the other people and that does not
include only my parents. Just so you know-I´m talking now to the bitch not others….

What a fucking story, but the poem was good( or at least improving with the writing)
you got to give me that. NOW

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