Chinese Virus

Did Trum some time ago said the words, Chinese Virus, for a reason?
Do you think it was done on purpose? Meaning this,
I think after talking with some experts, that this is the third world war 3.
Military it would be a an obvious mess, they hack financial systems (like all countries do)
and now they figured that through this virus that the Chinese created and spread will in
some way help them as a nation or better said for the “Top people governing”.

It hit right
as U.K pulled out of the E.U, hence the E.U is very weak. It can be a very strategic planed
strike by the Chineese. They created a WW3 scenario worst than Hitler, expect you can´t,
for now that is, track it directly to the Chinese leaders. I´m not a conspiracy theorist,
(except about myself) but talking to smarter poeple that are “in the know” they do have evidence.

It is creepling all economies, no economies no military to defend,poverty e.t.c. and these A-holes figured
that the new way of war is a massive chemical war, they are willing to sacrifice not only their
own citizens since they have a trillion of them, they are willing to kill hundreds if not millions
of others citizens in other countries so that at the end they can be “the top dog”. It ver well might
be, and I don´t know if people are aware of that.

They figured in a brilliant diabolical way that if you cripple the economies through this virus,
went to the supermaket today and there was nobody there, not even the gloves that they ask you to
put on before entering. They just figured how to fuck us without us knowing.

And after whatever the time it might be I posted this I “suddenly” get this from youtube,
not even gonna watch the whole thing, the guy says it in the 30 sec´d of the introduction of video.


  1. As you know..first folk shot in wars are poets…me, you, still alive…can’t be a war…

    you visit your mum in hospital..are the hospitals full up with convid patients or are the hospitals normal…???

    1. Not normal for sure, you have to wear masks, gloves, keep a distance so yes that makes hospital workers uneasy and that can fuck my mother up. I might even go to war by myself against the Chinese if they kill my mother, I have nothing to loose

      Got you

  2. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done on purpose. The U.S. has already had more people die from Covid-19 than died on 9-11, plus they weakened a very strong economy and shut our country down – no army could have done that!!

      1. What Russia evidence? Trump was cleared on that accusation. I know people will still keep that frame of thought, but there is no evidence. I can argue the contrary, if this was during the election time you did have the FBI infiltrating the Trump campaign (which is not lawful, there are more variables as to why) but we did see as fact that Colmey was going to undermine Trump. And that is really dangerous when you have the FBI influencing a campaign, you might even say the FBI was working with Russia in a weird way. It´s going to long of a comment if I get into specific details.

      2. Sorry about the future. We all just expect. No qualms and feel good about your thoughts. Its absolutely unnecessary to ask such questions to a stranger: danger

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