Stay Frosty( corona virus)

With quarantine…I live with 3 other people, plus figure out who comes
and who goes of many people, quite a lot in this house. So quarantine….not happening
my situation in our SPANISH nation. Or just fuckhead fucking around,
happens would be my guess after living what I have previously lived,
that would take me that the Virus is leaving me a lone because of
the so many fucked up things (live or die situations) I lived, and still will live
the virus said, ” Fuck this shit, Charly is going to attack me”. I´´m just strolling around
like nothing. Unless it kills one of mine and I would go to war by myself against these
China fuckheads. They fucking knew it since at least past November, you have a bunch of
credible sources to seek. It is literally and I know is hard for people to comprehend,
WW3. World War Three, it all came into place for a lot of different factors, but mostly
it was economics. Won´t write more, going to be poor, so might as well get my shit together.

Stay Frosty


  1. I liked that you mentioned China but didn’t go into a racist rant unlike other people have been doing. ❤

    1. That racist thing is stupid in my head, I know I myself are not racist, but it could be white or black or yellow whatever it is the Chinesse very methotically planned it and delivered. Could care less about their skin colour, what I don´t care is that they ( leaders, the U..N health organization and more actors, are involved in this). Why would you think I would try to bring it to a racial thing? Not in me since I was a kid, I see people for people, I know there is evil since I literally went to war to for me at the time where evil, still are although now I try to see it from a different perspective still I would do the same thing as before, which is the tabu word, kill. Befored they kill me, that translates into…talking too much.

      They are Cheenese, with some other actors involved in. You can take Russia for example, you do have to put the pieces together and not go with the simplistic way of thinking and go Cheneese are evil, that is dumb, it is very strategic.

      When it comes to geopolicts dominance, those nutheads don´t care what colour you are.

      1. I agree. I am a lot like you in that sense. I don’t give a crap where you’re from, wrong is wrong. Definitely think there is something going on. I mean it is a communist country where it suppresses it’s citizens from using any form of free speech, so I wouldn’t put it past them. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to the bottom of it but anyone who ever speaks up against their government ends up mysteriously dead.

      2. There is plenty of evidence, if you know the sources that is that it will track them down. I know you might think you are talking to a dummy (and you are) but the dummy seems theought other people they have certain connections and they said this years ago, not a month, years
        I was going to give you some links, but better for you to make your own mind if this is premeditated or not

  2. In WW1, was it not the British and to a certain extent, Americans, who from the medical factility in Étaples, Northern France who triggered the Spanish flu virus that would kill an estimated 50 to perhaps 100 million dead souls across the planet. ‘Blame culture’ is, in simple terms a c**t.

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