Likes and Whores

Being a under-prepared computer or technological person…
Why the fuck is whith the Likes? I see in my reader a person
that in one second has 3 million Likes, and one of mine, no,
I´ll click and take that Like out of you,
I didn´t read you. Makes it feel you better having a lot of Likes?
Getting a lot of money?

Like talking to her self-proclaimed girlfriend today actually,
she will call….O.K, I take the bait, she is literally fucking
(that is her job though, to be a whore but not to pretend with me-sucker)
with another human ( for now she might go to dogs who knows)
while on the phone. Although it is becoming so clear to my head
that she might get bored after pretending, or not who knows, but funny either ways.
Plus when she reads this…. you are a very low level whore!! Not even good really.

How do you mix those two together and find something positive?
Actually being a whore with all this Corona Virus is probably best rewarded
ecomomically than the Likes that people seem to improvise thechnology wise.

Or they are the same? Instant gratification/money, for a bit of time?

Just a 3.a.m thought, gonna watch some porn now.

But don´t fucking put a Like of mine when I haven´t read you. Pisses me off,
the whore can do what she does while pretendeing, but I like to read and If I read you
and like what I read I will hit Like, not through your gadgets.


    1. It actually pisses me off when I see people getting Likes of me, who cares about the others, but of me when I haven´t read it. And I do start thinking, what the F is that advantage to them. Ecomomical would be my guess, always follow the money trail. But hell no, I just find it counter productive. Like the whore, in my eyes that is.

  1. Likes make me see red! My like peeve are those who like content without reading it. Do these simpletons actually believe I won’t notice they never clicked on a post? Think their like parade will make me like them in turn? Argh!

    1. I really don´t care, I was just trying to mix the whore( her job it is to fuck guys) while trying to get money out of me and mix it with the Likes of wordpress. I was just playing with the absurd trying to mix it to some kind of normality at the end. Final session was absurd.

    2. Forgot.
      The whore story, I don´t call a woman a whore for no reason, her job it is that. She tries to trick me obviously, but knowing it already…. kind of funny if you think about it. Not much really, but she will proclaim to God she is my girlfriend. Jeeeeeeeeeesus, she might be a nutcase like me but smart, so got her

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