Corona! Corona!

Jesus fucking Christ…. we are allowed to walk from home to the supermaket or tabacco stores.(Ironic)
Today again to the supermarket and walking down the street it reminded me of one of those scary
movies. Only one person walking down the street with a mask gloves and me just strolling around
to get what in the supermarket? Beers. I don´t know if I take it lightly since I have been too
many times near death. Yes, for you normal people be concern and take all the precautions.
For me? after seeing death and making deaths, violent deaths that is, and I almost died in numerous
I don´t feel that panic. I really don´t as a matter of fact I never had thinking about it.
Probably that is part of why I was a good soldier, probably is part when I could take care of my
mother in very dire circumstances I did it without sweating. I got it, it is harsh, a tragedy really.
But fuck me, everybody on their low point? Get the fuck out of here.


  1. You will just grow with these circumstances because it is part of life after all… I missed your honest words, Charly 🙂 I wish you well

    1. I missed you Nicole, I´m a dummy guy you are a woman what can I say….love ya!
      A bit tired I guess with the quarantine, like everybody else but I have a trick to surpass the tough times apart from being build with it you gotta to train you mind and then also gotta kill your brain, switch on switch off,
      as of now……. I´m just trying to flirt with you, very nice name Nicole

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