Liebster Blogger Nomination

I´m very thankful although the person had to make my one neuron work a bit….
I really very much appreciate this person for having thought amongst others of me
Or as I have learned Stefania is her name. Very interesting woman to say the least.

11 Questions about me…

What is your name? My name is Carlos
Do you like your name? My mother said it was great, so I go with that.
Where do you live? Madrid, Spain
How long have you been writing the blog? 7 years the day before yesterday.
Wordpress send me a notification ironically enough for this question.
Did you practice any sports? I was very good a soccer,tennis, riding horses,
not so great at baseball but American footbal quite decent. They figured
lets put this crazy Spaniard in there and let him takle whoever he goes for.
Who is your favourite actor? Has to be Bobby, Robert De Niro.
What´s the stangest thing you´ve done? Getting in the army.
What would you eliminate from this year? My mothers cancer.
What are you afraid of? My mother dying.
What is your best quality? I have a propensity to train my own mind, for example
I will put the phone next to me knowing a important call is going to happen
stare at the phone for minutes on end, then go back to reading like nothing.
Switch on switch off, after training and training it comes natural. That keeps me calm.
What would you like to change in your behaviour? A lot obviously, but for the most part
I am complete. Send me to the grave tomorrow and I´m going out with a smile.

Now, nominating 5 bloggers.

11 Questions for the nominees.

Do you prefer dogs or cats or neither and why?
Ever thought about skydiving?
Shoes or snikers?
Do you like rainy days or sunny days?
Do you like me?

I´ll just stick with 5 questions for 5 nominees Stefania(the person that nominated me)
and again I´m very appreciative that you thought about me.


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