I really have ADD

Puta zorra guandorra (that was some sense of Spanish)
Fucking bitch (you are a whore for fucking guys to get past next month,
then in my fathers Facebook I´m your boyfriend, you kidding me? I might not be the smartest
obivously, but you really fucked that one up,saying I´your boyfriend to the world, in another
environment that is way far from yours? You fucking dummy,I could care less about you fucking,
thankfully you didn´t pass me AIDS.
Do they now get condoms on the pharmacy?
Fucking whore, keep on reading this and trying to destroy me,
not happening.
wax on was off or turn on off the switch but be prepared no only from that threat,
That simple for me. Truly.
Gonna watch a porn or maybe read poetry, I think is best the poetry.
Add, always curious on all things, yet have to know when to shut it down,

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