Military boot camp

After almost one year,
hold it there dare.

In the first weeks I got a personal call from
a person in ROTC, selling me.(how she got my phone number?)
Almost a year passes, I go out the U.S system(bad GPE no longer scholarship)
back to Spain, did all type of jobs got bored
except the adrenaline rush hence go military,

Me at that time no scary.
Fucking Seargen literally threw my bed out the room,
Others pissing literally on my locker,
Fights? plenty plenty

Then if you prove yourself, you are part of a weird group.
I say wierd, since what is the percentage of our population?
Going for that job?
I tell you there is not one snob.
Quite the accomplishment for me,
that is.
(Since the begining every fuckit detal to tying your boots)(no proofread(
Now tell me to be afraid, (and this is basic training apart from the real thing)
gotta be kidding me.
(I thought that was profound)
End parentesis.

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