Quarantine lift off!

This Sunday in Spain, they lift the quarantine only for kids…
I can go out of my room!
Get a Spoon,
Get a broom,
And see little psychopaths all over the place
Jesus going a bit nutty
Does it make any sense to you?
Government saying on this Sunday kids go out with only one parent,
and one kid at a time, what the hell is the woman with 9 kids going to do?
All the freaking day up and down with the kids….
They say later on the 9 of next month all adults can go out… what the fuck?

Staty Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Laughing…..I have twin 18 month old grandsons, which one am I supposed to pick? No way. They are both going out! Owen is bigger, but Xavier is louder! 😉

  2. I find this a bit hilarious though.
    So a parent now has to choose who to step out with, or is it even the child who would pick the parent he/she wants to go out with since they are the ones allowed to move

      1. Because I don’t see the need to create such confusion amongst family.
        If there’s a lockdown, then so be it, not some strategy to tear people apart

      2. I think you are right. Specially when one of the Spanish ministers of something literally said in public television that “the children don´t belong to their parents”. Literally the communist one said that, quite amazing saying it in public. So if the children are do not belong to the parents who do they belong to? To the government.
        Very well plotted plan in a very long run for this ones, my take on it. Actually my jaw dropped when I heard that a supposedly great woman being a minister of a country would say that outloud. She didn´t blink an eye, just normal. Eventually they are making the abnormal making it normal. People seems that they will fall for that.

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