Trigger with a glove

Those who have shot a pistol or machine gun or rifle,
that was a bit of a skip,
just writing as it comes to mind
what was my trigger to write that? (HKg or G 36 rifle that picture, nice to handle)
No idea
It is true, you are conditioned,In my great army days, they were great actually.
to feel the trigger, the little things like not putting your index thumb on the
trigger while walking along, you literally felt the pulse in that index finger on the trigger.
Hence when you are in the freaking desert, and not in flipflops
you add to the mix the glove.
While whatching to see a white dove….
Yet you are so conditioned to pulling that trigger that the gloves actually do help,
less sweatty you are more scary.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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