Domestic violence (video)

Having been accused, gone in to court and through the money apart from
sanity, I do remember the Judge hitting a piece of paper while I
was testifying, the paper felt in front of me and I just went down
grabbed it and put it on his table. Never thought about that twice,
just came to me. I also remember that at the end of the trial the judget said
” Gonna put in you prison for being stupid”.
Now, having the self proclaimed girlfriend bitch again, again, trying some maneuvers
and there are different variables on those maneuvers, like trying to shut or put
another virus on the computer, if this bitch doesn´t have the Corona virus
this fucking whore is luky.( She does fuck to earn a living hence the name is whore)
I have to thank you for not giving me AIDS. Thanks for that one.
Might as well say it in public. To protect me from her maneuvers obviously.
I doubt very mucch she can shut the wordpress account, I got other people working on that,
or get me in trouble again with criminal courts,
but just in case I will write it in public. Then shut my brain about this, and read some poetry.
(I extended myself too much so forgot about the video, but it does goes both ways.
Man to woman and the few women who do decide to be what they are really, they are even worst)
Plus that sothiopatic personality and I would say it translates to phsychopatic, they don´t
care, could care less about others. She will go to sleep like nothing, then put on
some weird freaky nice face and looks like an angel. Got to be kidding me I stumble upon
this one. Yet these people will always remember and obviously try to fuck you up.
Lesson learned- Choose very careful your choices you make in everything in life.
The definition of stupid-hit your head over and over again and expect another result.
Anything new here for you? Lets switch and read poetry.


    1. Seems so, yet I get along with male bitches, get into a physical fight and most likely next day is forgotten for some part. But with women, you say something and they will keep that word , word, word, for their lifetime. I´m thinking about becoming gay

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