Psychology one o one

Wax on Wax off, turn your mind to this then to that, then shut it.
Apart from my personal tragedies and all this Corona,
be Victoria (had to rhyme sorry)
I´m capable of that, I know it´s not for most normal people,
for me it is. Turn the abnormal not to normal,just accept it´s not normal
make it work.
Never let the head go nuts. They should study my brain process and how
I conciously and other times unconsciously train my brain,
I see the angles. Just deal with them, and most important swithch it off.

Today I actually think I went to bed for my mental thing, I couldn´t be
physically tired. I know that, but mentally it broke me.
I let it rest without thinking of nothing, literally I went blank, and now good.

Quite a story. I probably knew it before it happened, if not I wouldn´t train my
mind that way.

Tried to put the least words as I can in this wordpress thing
that I don´t know when the sentece is going to be cut and the rest, you know when you write
it in the so called private it comes out all sentences right in the line and then
you publish it and the fucking sentences got cut. End parenthesis, no double meaning.

Have a great day gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank you, but I have no idea why I can be calm, you have to be born with that mentality will be my guess. It did got to the limit that I had to psychologicaly down, real down. But then in 2 hours I “rested” as you said, re-train that mind and back up like nothing. Quite interesting I thought to myself.

      1. Pathetic… I see it as a new born really, and today the kids are aloud to go outside….. don´t know were though but legally they are, Pathetic it comes to mind static.
        Been in the army or war? I have. That is not pathetic.
        Stay Frosty Bubbly. Nice name

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