Just stumbled upon that picture,
I did have a good 2 weeks in London with that siste-r… came out weird
She was in London to celebrate before she had to go into the army
Great in bed and smart as hell (true story aàrt the hooking up most important was her brain)
Point being, for me, I never met a dumb Jew.
Have you?
They did eventually create their own State and defended it to no end.
Holocaust again not happenning,
You should be smiling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. I know that, what are you a freaking Chiiiiieeeennnese? Dummy punk you are little bitch.
        That came out fine, you are a dummy though, not sure about the “bitch” word, but a dummy you are 😉 😉 🙂
        Get out of here

    1. You ment to Unfollow you? To hard , so ge and fcuck yourself, block me that is it. You dumb, this is a democracy bitch, it always have to be dummies and girls like you. I did put it in public when I could have blocked you, transparency will make you free. Or fucked up anyways, you dummy, sending me messeages then don´t even read my blog, you UNFOLLOW dumb shit, got me pissed of with you falsehood .
      🙂 That was a good rant,, see ya later you animator… bitch

      1. You’re a pathetic, low-class cad who cannot write worth shit – that’s why I don’t read your shit blog. You wouldn’t know poetry if it slapped you in the face. You write crap rants and I was sick of them filling my inbox. You were an ass to that girl and well, you’re an ass to the world. Go drown yourself in a bottle and call your mom, you piece of sh*t.
        Block me! Do me a favor! I’m sick of your spiteful misogyny and “literary” garbage. Such an obnoxious imposter for a human being. Sorry your life is such sh*t, but you kind of deserve it.

      2. 🙂 I did call my mom actually 5 minutes ago, she is still alive so I´m good to go. No, the A hole is you and that girl, although I´m glad you vented. Poetry? Who said I knew about that, keep going on, Vent! Then harras a spent, hent, quent, I¨M A PIECE OF SHIT YOU SAID, hearrrrrrrd 😉
        Stay Frosty gentess

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