I will die for you

Call me a dummy, I did call mommy,
I will die for you
Already is proven
What the fuck.. chuck..norris.
Yet is the truth, you talk about integrity and keep your mind in sanity,
(that rhymed)
I know this, I did save lifes, quite some, do they fuck me up? Yes,
they are humans. Do I have a mental regret?
Not yet.
and as a mater you might go to your grave without thanking me.
I did the fucking job to a lot of the extend… extreme really.
So, wax on wax off,(katare kid) Knqw how to turn the switch off.
Out stable, am I fucking laughing at this shit….Jeeeesus.
Just came to mind after…this is Corona Virus disease.
or just being aware no scare going to bed with laughable
Yet I will die for you, sorry don´t worry, pretty good when the shit hits the fan
for you, i will literally come to rescue, or not, forget aaaaabout it


  1. It’s always been those with a clear mind and pure kind hearted people that are always experience false accusations, but the truth is that they will always comes out great and mighty, keep your ball rolling bro I am with you get your back.

    1. I do know my faults, yet I do believe my good actions do reveal the truth of who I am. Starting since a kid, military experience and the rest. I did F it up on occassions but never touching a womman nor harrassing her in the internet. Now she started this internet war, amongst phisical also, so I just have to keep calm and expose that person for who she is and that she understands the legal meaning of what she is doing. I´m just in the defense really.

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