For the Americans is soccer, I guess I will talk about me.
Not she.
Watching too many videos of this guy,
but it brought up good memories when I was a kid.
I actually think that “picar la pelota” that is Spanish for,
when you are in the “area” of the goal and you got the gol keeper in front of you,
in half of a second you put it up his face and score.
To the core.
Then this guy Messi, has all the great atributes as a human that you can apply from soccer
to your day to day life. I think.
Not a blink.

(Holy shit with the confinement, although my so call proclaimed girlfriend went to fuck
with the black dude next to my room, it is her job I can understand she does fuck to make money
Miriam Lorenzo Calero, thank you for no AIDS) If she is a whore well that is what she is,
but don´t go on Facebook, specially on my fathers Facebook and proclaim your my girlfriend.
That is a no no, little whore. This was really ADD at is best…. I´m cool though,
don´t know how, but cool. Qite interesting this writing thing, seems it calms me.
Then put it in public…..

Video! I´m still sane in the membraine.

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