10 Euros 26 cents dilema

Out I venture into civilsation…..
Supermarket, get food, get the freaking thing to wash the clothes that cost´s too much.
Might as well get a bar of soap and wash them the old fashion, and not so old fashion
I did it before when I had no money at all.
Go to pay, cashier says, 10.26, had in the hand a 10, don´t to want give her a 20 because of all
the change obviously. This bitch… She wouldn´t take it. Plus starts berating me on not having
a job, I eventually said a literal fuck you, I do have a job. I write shit. And by the way years before you paid
me while I was in the army. So fuck you. And thank you for giving me all those little coins.
Kind of funny though, the Chineese found a way of warfare to make people go nuts, this lady
normally was very polite and I would joke with her. Not with the Corona, we´re not in good terms
to say the least. Freaking 26 cents…. you got to be kidding me.

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