A story

Be quick with this one, I did hit a liutenant in my army days
two weeks before deployed. Guess what, it was a woman liutenant
Seems after month and months of training with a male seargent
the politics got involved, but point being is that you are trained
for months and you operate as a team, this woman, could be a guy also,
just turned our way of maneuvering through open ground, and one guy got shot.
I went punched her on the face, dropped her. It could be a man, again…….
Would have done the same with a guy, even worst really if it was a guy.

Fast Forward to now in the civilian life, Corona Virus and the rest.
My so proclaimed Landlord “lady” she brought this apartment into a Whore house,
specially now with the Corona Virus. People entering and going, what do I do?
I have to put a chair blocking the door to at least give me some seconds to react.

Today I was really pissed, I fucking shut the entrance door when I heard the other fuck head
going out for a quick ” snack” She heards me shutting the door on him, she comes calling me
to my bedroom that I´m paying to much, in that time of the military that I said
before, I didn´t punch her but just expose her for this ” Whore CLub” she created.
Once the switch is on, she could really see it. I did told her, ” This is a joke, I´m monetary paying”

I sound like a little bithch talking about it, but it´s my only way to get the frustration out
if is not writing I might go physical, so better write it and expose it to the world…..
I don´t know, I only know I feel beter writing this weird things, which seems are not to weird
to this house becoming a whore house.

She does has the reuter on her room, I´m paying for that the others…no, so might as well
publish it now before she does some fuck thing, but I advise you to not begin.

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