I´m a wanted man

I´m a wanted man, the world revolves around me?
I guess it´s he.
I did told these people to not piss me off
I did told them, and no not going to go off
I will keep that one a secret one, just in case
fucking having to put a chair trying to barricade my room,
fucking whore house this bitch and guys bitches i could add
fucking….so much more, but point being I´m paying, this is a no good.
I did told her and them, you do not want to make me angry.
You don´t know what will come to you, it´s proven so my guess is that will not be unproved,
try something against me they will pay if they do not kill me first. True.
Now, wax on wax off, switch the light off and go to sleep, although is my
leverage to get it out. Not scared for me, but just they try… quite calm actually
having gone through other times but I have this platform and double sword so out it goes.


    1. I try, I´m living in a whore house quite literally. It has become that specially now with the virus, I actually have a chair to put under the handle or the door so they won´t get in. Not the safest environment to say the least, to add it up I´ve stashed 3 knifes in the room in different places so depending if I´m sitting down in the chair with the computer or lying down in bed, there is a knife in each place that at a moment notice I can grab. I´m not paranoid, they already tried once to get in my room at 2 a.m. The chair started ratling woke me up I grabed the kinfe opened the door ready to go and there was the guy and the girl…not a good ending you might understand but neither of us three where hurt. The were a bit surprise I came out that way, so maybe there is a deterrent there. But you never know. I´m calm though, can handle myself in these situations unfortunately,
      You stay safe, you are much more valuable as a person and the proffession you chose. Much more valuable to society and specially in these day.

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