Holocaust story

I´m watching too many Youtube videos….. Apart from the tragedies the man in
the video terrible circumstances (to say the least) he did say something
at the end that he beat Hitler since he is alive today and Hitler is not.
Can go with the Corona “thing”. It also reminded me which I completely forgot,
I was in Queens New York, in a friends apartment. Going in the elevator and an
old lady with me put her hand up and there was the “tattoo” with the numbers
when she was in a concentration camp. I don´t remember exactly how we got into
a conversation and why she showed that number, still in her forearm that the Nazis
gave her. (Apart from other atrocities)
The moral of the story- incredible strong individuals that get pass everything
and never forget. History tends to repeat itself again and again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Yes, but at least King is making money out of it, a lot by the way. And I don´t even like the movies they make out of his books and I don´t even like his books.

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