Holy shit! (diary)

For once ….only once? I have the proclaimed girlfriend….what a bitch this one,
telling me on the phone( I should be smarter and not get the phone)
this girl telling me that “Estas denunciado” in English is you are a ´
women kicker and psychological kicker, that kind of stuff.
This forum is one angle for me, there are others, so no bothers.
Little bitch whore Miriam Lorenzo Calero, calling me from the room next to mine with a Marrocan.
Specially now with the Corona Virus, thank you for not giving me Aids, really this bitch?
Take a hike, lets see how the Spanish court system works?
I will say this, don´t be surprised to the extreme people will go to hurt you.
Does piss you off, but I do have some leverege.

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