Money isn´t the most important thing in life

Don´t you want to choke the person who invented that quote?
And my guess…. I only hear it from people that have money,
well now in this situation say that to me again and smiling if you can.

I got a tent
I bent
For next month
Already slept in the stret once

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Money is everything BUT, without money, one is nothing – this is my quote as I know what it is like to me without money or sufficient funds to tide one over. I hope you can find shelter and or there is government support to help you Charlie. And I agree with you that whoever who penned that quote has enough money!

    1. It is the root of all evil, but I guess we as humans are complicit, we do want that money and screw the others if need be.
      It is basic human behaviour, might as well say that if we as humans are evil by nature we created this currency (although there are good people out there)

      1. I don’t jump over people’s backs to get ahead, that’s why I’m still poor and a starving artist giving away my art for free…

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